Thursday, November 4, 2010

(En)Lighten Up

Yes, I know, it's the name of a movie about yoga culture that I still need to see...but I've been feeling heavy lately, like some unseen weight is pressing down upon me (perhaps it's this: OMG OMG omg we are leaving for London in a few weeks and I have so much to do!! So much so, that I've stalled in 'deer in the headlights' mode because I don't even know where to start!). So, I started with cleaning out my email, that previously took up about 100MB of memory. I always blew this annoying task off, thinking that I've got much more important things to do, like send and receive more emails...but the pressure is on now that I need to shift my online life to a laptop for London. Want to start fresh too, you know? And once I got started I couldn't stop. I've made it up to this year (don't ask where I started) and I feel about 10 pounds lighter.

As I deleted away, I revisited so many different people, places and situations that at the time seemed ├╝ber important, and have now faded. Oh the drama! And I started to feel like I've come a long way, baby. All these things that I lost so much sleep over now merely brought an amused smile to my face. Is this a sign of maturity? Or is it just that the dramas have shifted to new people, places and situations? Perhaps a little of both, but there were definitely recurring themes throughout the email not-so-stellar personality traits shining through. Who needs therapy when you can clean out your email?? And what at first appeared to be an odious, time-consuming task shifted into a way to enlighten up. I'm pretty pleased with my super light inbox, not to mention gaining perspective and getting rid of baggage with the touch of a key.

Not sure if this adds weight to my enlightening up, but I also got my hair cut today. Went from long and lackluster to short and sleek. Maybe no added significance, but it doesn't hurt to feel like you look good.

How do you enlighten up?


louloulovesbooks said...

Hey...Wow, you are coming to London?
Amazing, I bet it's just about the time I set off to India...And I too need to switch it all to a laptop and I too need to 'en'lighten up!
Nice post!
Happy Packing
{*} said...

How fantastic! When I moved from Australia to Canada three months ago I totally enlightened up. I actually sold or gave away all of my possessions except what could fit into my backpack, plus one box that remained with a friend. What a huge relief it was to offload so many material possessions. It's amazing how quickly you forget what you owned: all those bits and pieces that I thought meant so much but really meant nothing.
Enjoy the cleansing!