Because Montana

Happy Leap Day! Like February needs an extra day, right? Well, an extra day is an extra day, so practicing gratitude over here. 

A recurring life lesson is that things don't always go as planned. In fact, things usually don't go as planned - that's the folly of making plans at all. And sometimes, the outcome is way better. February in Montana hasn't felt like February; winter's gone missing. So, our Winter Wonderland & Wellness retreat last weekend was renamed Montana Wonderland & Wellness. Because I've learned, no matter what...Montana always delivers. As one of last weekend's retreaters puts it in her oft-used hashtag: #becausemontana.

Here are the retreat's best "Because Montana" moments:

Winter joined us a few times,
gifting us a sprinkling of snow squalls with big fat flakes falling. 

Balo Vineyards wine tasting: nibbling on things like lemon,
cardamom, dark cocoa and pomegranate seeds to flush out the flavors.
Playing outside is always a good idea.
Retreater and author of Move Your DNA wholeheartedly agrees. 

There is always enchantment to be found in the aspen groves. 

Highly recommend the Ball Chair from Gaiam -
active sitting is my new favorite thing.
And lotus pose on it takes active sitting to a new level.  

And, as our "Because Montana" girl summarized, we also had 6 yoga practices, a photo workshop, tea workshop, cooking classes and the wonder of new friends. There is something undeniably inspiring about women coming together to focus on their well-being for a weekend; we benefit from encouraging each other on our quest for daily good health. In my opinion, this is the ultimate souvenir to take home from a yoga retreat. Montana becomes the perfect icing on the cake. The kind that makes you want another slice. 

The year is still young - join me on a 2016 retreat. Why? Because Montana. 
Yeehaw & Namaste.

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