London Eye Candy...

...including the London Eye. Can't believe it's taken me this long to post something like this, but as you may already somewhere people go on vacation isn't quite the same as going there on vacation. It's taken some time to get settled and get jazzed about sightseeing. After school started last week (more musings on that soon), after finally feeling myself again after holiday illness, and after establishing my yoga routine, I'm pouring over the guidebooks to make our London master plan. Six months, which on the front end seemed like an eternity, now seems as though it will go by in the blink of, well, an eye.

I have two new London loves:
Pictured: London Bridge, London Eye, Westminster Abbey (west entrance, where Prince William and Kate Middleton will enter for their wedding), St. James Park and last but not least, Shiva at the Indian place we hit for dinner. Enjoy. Will continue with interesting London photos weekly.