One-pose wonder: Boat pose

I have to admit, navasana has never been on my list of favorite poses. But as your yoga practice matures, you slowly accept that maybe those poses are the ones you need to work on the most. Perhaps it was the 5 in a row (with lift-ups in between) in my Ashtanga practice that caused me to lose the love, but I have grown to like it, after I learned how to be less serious about it and play more. Ashtanga is a beautiful practice that encourages many positive qualities to emerge, but it can also be rigid. Anyhow, after 4 days on a sailboat in the Caribbean the other week, I simply had to do boat pose on the boat. It gives me a little thrill to share these pix. Please note that they were taken while we were sailing, so I had the ultimate balance challenge!

Boat pose strengthens your core, your back, and your balance.

The how-to:
I also really like this detailed exploration of navasana by Yoga Journal. Namaste.

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