Back OM on the range

I'm back hOMe on the range - sorry I didn't say goodbye. I spent last week in St. John - would you believe for an event for husband's work? I got to teach his colleagues yoga on the beach, and we spent a few days circumnavigating the island on a sailboat. But more on that in the next few days, after I dig myself out a bit from under the piles of email and laundry...

Meanwhile, I've got a new article on the Athleta Chi that I think you'll enjoy, on Cowgirl Yoga. As in, real Cowgirl Yoga: poses for horseback riding. Learn how yoga improves saddle time, and maybe even become inspired to join us for a CY retreat this summer...but don't delay on signing up, we are approaching sell out for all 5 retreats. And yes, we really do tie yoga mats to the back of the saddle! Yeehaw & Namaste.

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