Tree pose for a windy day

I must confess to something I really don't like about our home in Montana: wind, like I've never experienced wind before. Wind that has torn windows off their frames, that howls like a forlorn animal all night long, that has broken my nose in an unfortunate incident with our trash can (it blew the lid into my face). I've been trying to read up on my doshas, pitta/vata, because I am convinced it is something about my vata side that gets so agitated by wind. Anyhow, this windy day is a great opportunity for a grounding one-pose wonder - vrksasana, tree pose. Trees blow and sway in the wind, but stay rooted at the same time; a reminder to be strong yet flexible.

Tree pose is just what we need in times of transition, like during a change in season (that would be now). Balance poses require that you really be in the moment - if you are not completely mindful you will fall. Having a crazy day? Take a time out for tree pose. It will stop your mind from racing, soothe your nervous system and ground you in the present.

The How-to:
I'm actually surprised I haven't featured this one-pose wonder yet. Any requests for the next one?

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