Pose for a broken nose

I'm back from my blog break. I hesitate to say that I'm better than ever, though...I had an unfortunate encounter with the lid of our garbage bin on a windy day, and have a broken nose. It's not bad - no big bumps or black eyes - but damn, does it hurt and it's caused an afternoon headache almost every day. But, there's not much to do except wait for it to heal, and be careful with practicing inversions. I did discover that matsyasana, fish pose, actually provides some relief from the feeling of pressure I've experienced. I have no idea what the physiology behind that is, but regardless I'll take it. So here is a one-pose wonder, a pose for a broken nose. It also opens the abdomen, chest, and throat, and relieves tension in the upper back and neck, for you people without broken noses. It is traditionally the counter pose for sarvangasana, shoulder stand. And in case you're wondering, it's called fish because it fills the lungs with air, improving floating ability. (Even though fish don't float...but who am I to question the ancients?) I love the feeling of stretching the throat, and the way it gives you that upside-down perspective without having to invert anything below the neck.

The How-to:
Go fish! Namaste.
Images by Larry Stanley

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