Be an OMbody

Put a little pep in your step for Cinco de Mayo with some at-home yoga, to counterbalance the margaritas. When my students ask me about starting a home practice, my suggestion is to start with mastering the sun salutes without instruction. If you have these sequences ingrained in your memory - and they come from within vs. without, with someone always leading you through them - you'll notice how effortlessly they will flow for you. And, a home practice can help fine-tune your grasp of the basics, so you can get more out of class time and more bang for your yoga buck. More yoga, better yoga - it's a win-win. Let me show you how to salute the sun - check out Be an OMbody on the Athleta Chi. Namaste.
Pictured: chaturanga dandasana, it's piece of cake if you just keep practicing!