I want candy

From a Bon Appetit magazine that I saved:
On the fringe of winter, we crave ingredients with stronger flavors. Bright blood oranges, earthy chard, bitter frisée, rich nutty cheeses - and, always timely, chocolate.

We're definitely not on the fringe here, it's been 20 below since Sunday. We've had heat problems at our house, a power outage, dogs that cannot stay outside for more than 10 seconds in the cold so therefore are using our house as their alternate toilet, and exploding frozen soda cans that I stupidly put in the garage to keep cold. Yep, it's been a fun couple of days. SO, what a perfect time to treat myself to the offerings of my absolute fave place in Boz - Le Châtelaine. I lived in France and spent a lot of time sampling European chocolate - and this stuff ranks at the top of the list. Right here, in Bozeman, MONTANA. 

It's tough to top flavor combos like:

Oh. My. Lord. I feel so warm and fuzzy every time I walk out of this place with my gorgeous box containing such beautiful bursts of exquisite flavor. If you don't live here, check out their website and order online: www.chatelainechocolate.com 

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